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"For one, Adwoa recently opened a showroom—not a shop with rows of product on shelves like any old store in a mall—but a cavernous gallery space with the brand’s small line of product displayed on white blocks like pieces of testable art. "
Adwoa Beauty Is Like Glossier for Kinky Hair (Except So Much More)
D Magazine - January 07, 2019
"This made styling afterward so much easier and I didn’t feel the need to rehydrate frequently during the week."
This Deep Conditioner Stopped Me From Chopping off My Kinky, Curly Hair
HYPEBAE - August 10, 2018
"Founded in October 2017, Adwoa is a socially conscious lifestyle beauty brand that creates products for curly and kinky hair types."
Ten Emerging Beauty Brands Kick Off This Year’s Target Takeoff Accelerator Program in Minneapolis
Target - April 25, 2018
"Plant-based and nontoxic products always work best for me. I love Adwoa Beauty’s Baomint Oil Blend and Curl Defining Cream. "
Glamour - March 15, 2018
the best pro conditioner for curls & coils - March 25, 2019
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